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Players who are completely new to the world of poker or who have considered advancing their skills to the next level might be wondering how to take the next step. Of course, there’s simply no replacement for the raw experience that can only be gained by playing poker around the felt: whether that’s a physical felt, in a card room or on the sleek digital green lines of the Internet’s many online poker websites.

However, there’s a new popular choice emerging: online poker training sites. These provide tutorials, demonstrations, and key tips and tricks for all skills levels in a familiar, easy to use format. So, how can you make the best choice?

Our Recommended Poker Training Sites:

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How we review poker training sites

In order to provide you with honest recommendations, we analyze and personally use each of the websites that we review so you can get the best experience. For the poker training sites we look at 5 specific items:

  1. Reputation: We look to see who endorses the site, the number of active users and how long it has been around.
  2. User Interface: We to see if the site is clean, easy to use, and has working navigation links.
  3. Video Quality: We analyze video quality which reflects the level of investment platforms are using for their tutorial videos.
  4. Speed: A worthwhile and reputable platform will be on that loads its pages quickly and will be able to direct players to their required content as quickly as possible.
  5. Presence:  Who uses the site and is it well received by the online poker.

If you want to do some additional research, we suggest you keep these five items in mind when visiting a poker training site.


All poker training sites should be built on platforms that deliver authoritative advice that has proven itself to be useful around the table. There’s no one universal standard that proves this though. It’s perhaps best to tackle the issue of how users perceive websites and how we’ve ranked them according to our reviews as these will ensure players are getting first-class advice from excellent resources. There are a few telltale signs that a platform is reputable though:

  1. Endorsed, sponsored by, or was even created by a leading poker professional. This is quite possibly the best way to ensure a poker training website is a good one. After all, what player who gives his name to the game will lend his image to an inferior product?
  2. Significantly large community size. If more users are involved with a platform, then it’s quite obviously offering good value for money (where charges apply).
  3. Longstanding poker training website that has been around for quite some time.

User Interface

The UI of a website will be a key indicator of whether or not its operators actually want users gaining any sort of valuable insight from its teachings. When a website is clean, easy to use, and has working navigation links, then it’s quite obvious that operators want users going to their intended resources in order to better themselves as poker players.

Broken, poorly constructed websites will do little to actually improve a player’s poker abilities beyond frustrating them to trying out another platform – something that can be avoided altogether by taking the advice contained within these reviews.

Video Quality

Long gone are the days when poker players were forced to endure text-based tutorials. While these still exist and can indeed provide some valuable insight, poker platforms today usually base their lessons on videos and these alone can be a deciding factor for many.

The level of the video quality directly reflects what sort of investment platforms are making in their tutorial videos. Low quality, grainy, pixelated videos are best avoided altogether since it’ll be pretty hard to gain any sort of valuable information from them. Instead, players should stick with bright, clear, vivid videos that simply present what’s happening in an easy to access fashion.

There are indeed some worthwhile platforms that offer text tutorials, but these are decreasing in number or are upgrading their content to video. There’s just not a better way to go about it.


Today’s Internet-connected world is based on broadband connection speeds, which are meant to provide quick and snappy browsing experiences. Any sign of lag or long loading times are an immediate red flag as to a poor quality platform since the hardware supporting them is obviously of poorer quality.

A worthwhile and reputable platform will be on that loads its pages quickly and will be able to direct players to their required content as quickly as possible. It is important to note, though, that video loading time shouldn’t necessarily reflect on this – since higher quality videos will take much longer to process and this is largely a variable to a user’s own connection speed. Nonetheless, they’re considerations to make in the end.


There are mainstay names in the online poker world. Whether it’s a card room or a training website, both can become “name stays” or household names in the online poker world. When a platform has a particularly good presence, then this is a clear indication that it’s been accepted by the poker community and is offering valuable and worthwhile information.

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