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safestWe’ve dedicated a significant portion of our lives to playing and reading about online poker. We’ve seen unfortunate things come and go, but we’ve also seen honest and secure operations prosper.

We do our best to help you to play poker online safely. You can read our trusted poker site reviews, guides to playing for real money and winning poker tactics, all created to help you to enjoy poker while hopefully scoring some decent profits in the process. If you’d like to read a little bit about our approach and the people behind this site, you can check out our about page.

Our Top Ranked US Poker Sites

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How We Rank Sites

When determining which poker websites to recommend, we look at multiple factors, out of which the most important ones are safety and reliability. Below you can find our top ranking factors when we review the most trusted poker sites:

  1. Safety and Reliability – We feel comfortable depositing our own money to each site we recommend. If anything suspicious comes up about any of the sites listed at, we remove the site from our listings immediately.
  2. Poker Player Traffic – Once an online poker site has passed the test of safety and reliability, we move on to other criteria. In our collective opinion, player traffic is the second most important consideration since the more customers a poker room has, the better the games in general. A massive player pool guarantees that cash games are running 24/7 and tournaments have big prize pools which make them all that more exciting. Furthermore, the more people to play against, the better the opportunities for educated players.
  3. Customer Service – The third most important criteria – and closely related to the first one – is customer service. How well does the site take care of its customers? Can you reach them quickly and easily? Do they answer your questions thoroughly and make an extra effort to be helpful? It’s easy to provide poor customer service and a great feat to provide exceptional service, so we make sure to give extra points to the gambling sites that focus on serving their customers well.

Additionally, there are plenty of other considerations. How fast does the site deliver cashouts (there’s a world of difference between Bovada, which takes 7-10 business days, and Carbon Poker, which takes 7-8 weeks)? Can you find a suitable deposit and withdrawal method at the site? Is its software quality acceptable? Does it have exciting promotions? We’ve made sure to consider all these points when reviewing and ranking world’s top online poker sites so you wouldn’t have to.

You might also want to visit Legit Gambling Sites – they have an approach similar to ours even if the site is focused on gambling in general, not just poker.

Is It Safe to Play Online Poker?

In a live casino setting, you have to keep your eyes on other players to make sure they don’t cheat. In an online setting, you need to know the reputation of the online poker room to make sure you’ll be able to sleep well at night while having money on your poker account. There are plenty of sites that operate honestly and care for their customers, but there are many more looking to make a quick buck out of those who make the mistake of trusting them.

We’ve seen cheating scandals before with the likes of Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker; we’ve seen a giant poker site suddenly fall and trapping players’ money in the process with Full Tilt Poker; and we’re currently seeing a likely ponzi scheme with Lock Poker. The scary part is that all of these sites were popular when these things happened, so you really have to look out for yourself and we would even recommend keeping the minimum amount of money on your player’s account (even if the money was held at a safe site, your bank is always safer).

With that said, we have a lot of confidence in our list of safe online poker sites. We believe them to be as safe as internet poker rooms can get. And most importantly, they’ve proven to be trustworthy throughout the years (in most cases, we have lots of history to look at — for example, 888 Gaming, which owns 888 Poker, was founded in 1999).

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