Ivey Poker Review

Players who are on the lookout for the best in poker training would be hard pressed to find a name better than Ivey Poker. After all, the platform is maintained by World Series of Poker Professional and all-time winner, Phil Ivey. The platform aims to incorporate both teaching sessions from the most professional of names in poker and a freestanding online poker room, where players can put their teachings into practice in a more live setting. However, there are a few things players ought to know before getting involved in the mix: namely, that it isn’t possible at this moment.

Platform Closure

IveyPoker.com closed in late October, 2014. However, this closure was only a temporary measure as they’re planning to incorporate more advanced features that require more thorough testing. Their thought is that Ivey Poker is undergoing an “evolution” of sorts. When asked to comment, personnel at Ivey Poker stated that they’re working on “multiple product extensions and new categories for Ivey Poker expansion in 2015”. The training content has since been relaunched and is available for public view, but players won’t have the benefit of an online poker platform. The latter is currently under construction and it’s not publicly known when it’s going to launch.

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The platform’s closure came at a time when Ivey was undergoing personal legal issues. However, this wasn’t the only thing some of the poker professionals affiliated with the website were concerned about. One professional, Christian Harder, openly tweeted that Ivey failed to pay his employees for their contributions to the website. This has led many users to wonder whether or not the platform is undergoing financial trouble of its own.


Whatever the case may be, the content at Ivey Poker is truly first rate. This is only befitting of a ten-time world champion, but each of the clips is broadcast is full HD and was recorded using state of the art equipment. This is clearly advanced over some other training platforms, which offer grainy and pixelated video content that is difficult to follow or gain any sort of insight from. Ivey Poker’s streaming video content is crisp, clear, and very easy to gain the necessary teachings from.

The professionals themselves also take a very relaxed approach to their teaching. It’s clear that they’re in complete control of the lesson and deliver such poise with confidence and assurance that newcomers to the world of poker would certainly appreciate. For those with a little more skill behind them, there’s certainly things to be learned from the platform, too. In addition to a relaxed demeanour, there isn’t a hint of pretentious mannerisms in any of the videos, which is sure to please those who would prefer a platform that reflects their advanced status in the game.


The website is simply laid out with buttons that redirect to mass listings of the most recent videos posted to the platform. However, this listing can be rearranged according to category once logged in, which makes navigation quite easy and ensures only the most relevant material is shown to users. Everything is quick to load and doesn’t pose any considerable strain on modern systems.


Ivey Poker is perhaps one of the better content-based learning platforms on the Internet today. While it’s unfortunate that its namesake is experiencing legal hardships at the moment, this does little to detract my attention away from the obvious care and consideration that was put into the videos. The upcoming online card room additions will likely make excellent compliments to an already solid platform, but it doesn’t appear that the site’s operators are in any particular rush to launch them. Nonetheless, it’s well-worth considering as a learning tool.

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