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mobile poker sitesMobile poker sites are a boon to the modern card player, as individuals are no longer shackled to their Mac or PC. Instead of being confined to a home or business, tech-savvy poker pros can now play straight for their smartphone. Player can enjoy a hand of Omaha or Texas Hold’em at the coffee shop, doctor’s office, or anywhere else they desire.

This article looks at the basics of playing mobile poker:

While reading this information isn’t going to help you in a showdown, it will allow you to get out of the house and enjoy poker in a more stimulating environment.

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What is a Mobile Poker Site?

As you may have guessed, mobile poker is simply poker that can be played on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. These devices allow players to get their gambling fix from any location with wireless service, and it’s primarily available for devices compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple products.

How to get started?

If you’re interested in playing on a mobile poker site, you have two distinct options:

  1. Direct access from your smartphone. Use your device to access the online version of the card room. This is just the same as playing at home, although you’ll likely be doing it from some other location (unless you don’t have a PC at home).
  2. Downloading an application. In order to play in this fashion, you’ll need to visit a site such as Google Play or App Store and find the poker app you’re interested in. Once this has been accomplished, it’s just a matter of downloading it to your device (usually for free).

Once in the poker site or app, you’ll be able to open an account and make deposits, just the same as a non-mobile customer. Please note, however, that making transactions over public Wi-Fi can result in your private information being hijacked by others. If you want to fund your account, it’s best to wait until you’re away from locations such as bars and coffee shops.

I suggest using the second option, as apps are specifically designed to offer a more streamlined experience for mobile players. The layouts are wider and buttons bigger, which keeps you from accidentally choosing the wrong option in the middle of a poker game.

Start Playing at the Best Mobile Poker Sites

In the past, a list of mobile poker sites might have been somewhat selective. That’s no longer the case, as online card rooms and casinos have realized that mobile gaming is the wave of the future. Whether it’s an online giant like PokerStars or a lesser-known outfit like DuckPoker or Silver Sands, customers should be able to find an app to meet their needs.

Available Games for Mobile Players

The availability of games differs from one poker site to the next, but you should expect to find Texas Hold’em and Omaha at all of them. Larger sites are likely to have additional games, and companies such as PokerStars offer their customers ring games, tournaments, and sit and go’s. If you’re looking for a specific type of game, just check to make sure it’s available via mobile device before signing up.

Free Poker on mobile sites

If you want to enjoy some poker action without dipping into your bank account, a wide array of apps offered by Apple, Google and Windows available for this purpose. In some cases, apps for poker sites have a for fun option, while other designers specialize in making poker software that’s not linked to any gaming brand.

While the independent games are fine for the casual customer, I suggest going with a free-play version offered by a brand name card room. These often have the same rules, layouts, and button configurations as the affiliated cash site, so there’s less of a learning curve if you decide to graduate to real-money poker games.

Elements of a Quality Mobile Card Room

If you want to play at a high-quality mobile poker site, make sure it includes some of the following elements:

  • Convenience of Design – Is the site easy to navigate? Are the buttons large enough to prevent costly mistakes during gameplay?
  • Transaction Options – Do you have access to the same deposit and withdrawal options as PC users? This is especially important for those who use multiple payment options to move their funds about.
  • Bonuses – Most sites offer the same sign-up and deposit bonuses for mobile and PC customers. In some cases, however, special offers may be available for smartphone and tablet users.
  • Security – While a master hacker might still gain access on a public Wi-Fi connection, the software should be solid enough to guarantee of basic level of security.
  • Traffic – A large pool of players is important, so make sure the app draws in enough customers to make it a viable option.
  • Reliable Software – In addition to being secure, software should be reliable when it comes to speed and connection strength. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your signal drop out while you’re working on winning a big pot.


Mobile poker sites are the future of online gambling, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve entirely replaced PC or Mac gaming in a couple of decades. Virtual card rooms are wising up to this fact, which is why all reputable brands now offer one or more mobile options for their customers. While there’s nothing wrong with playing Internet poker the old-fashioned way, modern apps offer the same features as the original and the added convenience of being more portable.

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